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How to streamline a marketing strategy for an enterprise?

You may be familiar with the term ‘branding’. But is Digital branding any different to traditional branding? Except that digital naturally belongs in the online world and so requires a new-age set of tricks, tools and talent.

So, while the tenets of your brand remain the same, we swoop in to take it to best heights!

How? We can:
  1. Utilize multiple online platforms
  2. Induce the viral state
  3. Magnetize customers to play a role in building your brand
  4. Redefine mobile friendliness
  5. Raise online rankings
  6. Optimize
  7. Keep it real
  8. Talk to us today for a consultation.

Pricing Table Chose A Plan That Works For You

Whether you are a start-up, medium scale or larger enterprise, we have the best tariffs to help you achieve greater heights.

Web Starter Economy Premium Professional Corporate

Some Pricing Tables

  • Web Starter Pack
  • ₹ 9550
  • ✔ HTML5 / CSS 3.2
  • ✔ Upto 5 Pages
  • ✔ Basic Mobile / Tab
  • ✔ Shared Host
  • ✔ Social Link
  • ✘Chat Enquiry
  • ✘Keyword analysis
  • Premium
  • ₹ 15450
  • ✔HTML / PHP 9
  • ✔Custom UI
  • ✔Upto 8 Pages
  • ✔Mobile Responsive
  • ✔Shared Host
  • ✔ Enquiry
  • ✘ Social Link
  • Professional
  • ₹ 18450
  • ✔Wordpress 4.3 / PHP 11.2
  • ✔Custom Designs
  • ✔Upto 10 Pages
  • ✔Dedicated server
  • ✔Meta tag
  • ✔ Url submission
  • ✔ Mail & Chat

Knowing your business

As entrepreneur you need to understand your business as well as your target audience thoroughly. Sound understanding of your business & market can pave the way for a perfect social media marketing plan.

Market research and Gap Analysis

In-depth market research can make you identify the loopholes or gaps in your marketing plan and chalk out fitting solutions to plug those gaps. Also, market research & analysis can help you fathom the degree of competition in the market.

Watch your traffic grow

Traffic to your business website and to your social platforms can make your business grow & your sales soar. Get increased traffic through your social media interactions based on well researched & well optimized social media marketing plans.